C K Group Pte Ltd
is a company incorporated in Singapore through the foresight and vision of a husband and wife team. We want our company to be positioned as an international brand through a creative approach to the company’s image and detailed presentation.

In today’s high demand for more healthy products all over the world, C K Group realises that it is becoming increasingly important to provide a wider selection Of consumer goods to feed the consumers’ needs and wants.

C K Group Pte Ltd was formed in 2011 and brainstorming started as to what kind of business/service  it could do. Then we discovered alcohol free wines and alcohol free beers. That was the answer to fill up the void for individuals and groups of people that did not drink alcohol beverages for whatever reason.

Over the years, C K Group Pte Ltd has established an excellent reputation for remarkable quality and service because of our long-term relationship with winemakers all over Europe.

Our vision is to discover more great tasting Premium Wines and beers all over Europe for everyone to enjoy.